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Installation of the roof panel sheet
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Quality Requirements
1) color coated sheet approach to the appearance of the check. Its edges should be neat, smooth surface, uniform color; shape rules, shall not be twisted Alice, stripping and corrosion and other defects. Must have factory certification and test reports. . . First,
2) the variety of insulation materials, thermal conductivity, thickness, density, quality certificates and test reports must conform to the requirements and design.
3) purlin and Tied: main material for the C-or Z-cold-rolled galvanized steel. Steel thickness, stiffness must meet the design requirements.
4) Fasteners: expansion bolts, rivets, self-tapping screws, plate, washer, nut plate and the plate, the plate and the skeleton permanently connected to a variety of design and installation of the required connections must be galvanized to prevent corrosion