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Prefabricated house
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Prefabricated House 
The floor concrete, floor and wall coatings, heating and cooling installations and external building lines, accommodation between cities, lodging,transportation and transportation insurance belongs to customer. we can provide all the service above but charge accordingly.

Accommodation buildings showing double floor flat roof prefabricated residences

Single floor prefabricated house

Salient prefabricated offices, dining hall and dormitory

Prefabricated house
What is the reason of one of the new member of prevalent and high quality product portfolio of SPM prefabricated are prefabricated constructions? 
After the earth quake disaster that we have experienced; the prefabricated constructions and houses that have been named as high quality and high resistance that we have understood the importance better, are being constructed to meet all kinds of needs. 
As the production made in our factory under continuous supervision is rapid, high quality and economical; the importance of the prefabricated construction and prefabrication that is in practice in all over the world is known. Together with the selection of prefabricated constructions made With the prefabricated methods that are being put in practice; open, heavy, light, closed, partial or total; by the use of fiber cement board material and steel system; with respect to the utilization purpose of the structures, architectural properties and local conditions and by taking into consideration of living stile of human beings, the prefabricated houses (residences) and buildings are being manufactured. 
The reason of the frequent use of prefabricated systems mostly in industrial constructions and residential areas is the above mentioned properties. From the investments made at industrial facilities; rapid recovery is requested and for this reason economical solutions are looked for at these constructions. The prefabricated systems are very frequently preferred construction systems at prefabricated constructions that the industrial constructions are economically fast and series. The prefabricated construction systems have economical, industrialized construction techniques that can be applied very light and rapidly. The properties of fire resistance and heat and noise insulation, rapid assembly, easy transportation, storage and rigidness are the properties that can answer the needs of our century. The reason of being most frequently used in industrial constructions is due to the above mentioned properties. From the investments made at industrial constructions; rapid recovery is requested and therefore economical solutions are sought in these structures. The prefabricated systems are most frequently used in the construction of industrialized zones. 
Prefabricated residences 
The prefabricated ready constructions are being manufactured by taking into consideration of environmental conditions that can be applied to all kinds of residential areas with variable width and length and with ready internal installations. Confidence, silence and tranquility are waiting for you that you may have not ever felt as of today. The construction link and steel roof system that constitutes seismic resistance, the insulation system that will prevent the surrounding of unwanted temperatures during summer time, the cold during winter time and the noise level that you have always avoided. The prefabricated houses that will give you tranquility by utilizing % 100 of every point of your house, panel system are prepared in international standards dimensions from the point of fire and seismic resistance. Upon request, various alternative materials can be used. It can be assembled without seeking a special foundation and without the need of crane and without contaminating the environment. The prefabricated houses that are seismic resistant with functional practical utilization area can be manufactured with single floor, double floor, with and without bow windowed alternatives and with the desired decorative items. It is especially a practice and economical solution for earthquake house, vineyard house, summer house, winter house, motels and holiday villages. When the prefabricated commercial constructions are considered; the first name remembered is may be the office. But prefabricated system establishes us wider utilization areas. Building site constructions, dining halls, dormitories, hospitals, work shops, saloons, entertainment centers etc type of constructions can easily be obtained by prefabricated constructions. The advantages of prefabricated house residence modular constructions Together with many advantages, the prefabricated modular constructions are reaching the order of the customers rapidly. Our structures that have been brought suitable to all your needs are performed after the installation water piping and electrical installation etc. over the place submitted by yourself and our constructions are under the order of you customers in a short time. During the preparation of infrastructure, the daily contacts that we have established with you and the status reports that we have submitted you are one of our most important capabilities. Besides the technical quality, it should not be forgotten the esthetic property and visual flavor that allows the application of all kinds of projects with terraced and without terraced, with and without bow windowed German-American models. With the advantage of modular system; the structures at requested width and length are being prepared and responded to any need. 
Our products 
Single and multi floored constructions, mobile modular metal constructions, Depots, earth quake resistant stationary prefabricated buildings with maximum insulation, environmental friendly, plan alternatives and modular, prefabricated houses, schools, hospitals and health centers, military prefabricated constructions, residences and lodging facilities, residences, work sites, offices, prefabricated dining halls, dormitory buildings, prefabricated house residence building construction office work sites. 
1-Applicable to all kinds of residence and utilization purpose. 
2- It can be constructed faster and rapidly with respect to reinforced concrete buildings. 
3- When required, it can be removed and installed at any place. 
4- Upon request variable, modern, esthetical and new forms can be manufactured.
5- The production is made in factories and the assembly is completed in a short time. 
6- Its assembly is completed in environmental friendly manner and without damage. 
7- It does not need crane; our products are light prefabricated constructions. It does not require special foundation. Simple lean concrete is sufficient. 
8- At duplex buildings, it is sufficient to prepare ironed radial foundation. 
9- Upon request various selectable materials can be used. 
Our esteemed customers what you have to do is to select the house among our models sections and to relay it to us after devising the house of your dreams from your mind. 
Living is lived differently at Kartal prefabricated residences. We hope you to use it in days of good health and in tranquility.