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Roll Forming Tolling
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Roll Forming is a forming process with rotary tool movement. During the roll forming process, a flat strip of metal is formed through a number of stations and is progressively shaped into the desired form. Roll forming is a novel process of profile manufacturing.

The major advantages of roll forming are that nearly unlimited varieties of shapes can be achieved, and high productivity that reduce the cost for customers.

Experience and know how technology is very important in roll forming process. Roll tooling is crucial to each profile machine. The success or failure of every roll forming section depends on the quality of the roll forming tooling and machine. The fact that we got success is owing to that we are specialized in design and manufacture the roll tooling and high precision machine.

Roll formed products are important elements in many industrial areas such as construction, automotive parts, window & door frames, shelving sections,electrical enclosure profiles, ball bearing slides, lighting profiles, shaped tubes and lots of profiles for specific applications.

Roll forming process can works with following materials:
+steel (as well as super high strength steel)
+luminum (all alloys)

+Zinc galvanized stee +cold -rolled steel
+hot-rolled steel
+stainless steel
+aluminized steel
+pre-coated steel
With over 10 years experience in roll forming industry, we have used a German software COPRA® to design various roll forming tooling very successful.
COPRA® is the state-of-the-art technology for roll formed sections-worldwide.It is a stand tool for designers in more than 50 countries. So we can give our customers international standard and professional design results. No matter how complex the profile is, we can do our best to meet your requirement.
With the modern technology of CAD and CAE, we can simulation the forming process and optimization of roll forming tool set by the software packages COPRA®DTM/COPRA® FEA RF.
Suhang knows the importance of roll tooling for the success of metal forming operation. Optimum design and precise manufacture taken into every set of rolls, which means our customers have fewer trouble shooting, higher product quality and decreased costs.

Our CNC capabilities cover the manufacturing process. After the design, the semifinished roll is forged, faced, drilled and bored, and the profile is turned on the CNC lathes. Key ways are made before or after the roll tools are heat treated according to different cases. After heat treating, the roll tool profile is ground on the both side and in the bore. The outside contour is turned on the CNC lathes and may be polished for superior accuracy.