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Roof Panel installation
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Roll former machine metal roof construction
Detailed roll forming machine metal roof construction A construction preparation
(A) technical preparation A familiar and triage construction and installation drawings, the amount of calculations, preparation of construction machinery and equipment requirement plan. Various processing semi-finished preparation of the technical information and application program.
(B) material requirements
<1> varieties and specifications of requirements Color coated steel plate: into the width of the main 600ram 620ram, 720ram 750mm, 900mm and other specifications; length according to the manufacturer design drawings, such as on-site processing molding up to 48M, standard long recognized only by the Transport limitations.
<2 >insulation materials: thermal insulation layer variety of materials, thermal conductivity, thickness, density should be consistent with the design requirements. Commonly used Insulation layer of glass wool, self-extinguishing polystyrene plastic or polyurethane foam.
<3> purlins and Tied; the purlins and materials Tied Rachel sheet metal roof support system.
<4 >fasteners; major expansion bolts, rivets, self-tapping screws, plate, washer, nut plate and the plate, the plate and the skeleton permanently connected to a variety of design and installation of the required connections.