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roofing and cladding sheet
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roll former machine metal roof construction 5
(3) roof liner lifting: lifting method is determined, lifting methods are often used in water lifting, lifting section: piece by piece, to expand the section lifting. Lifting machinery, lifting sequence, mechanical position and driving route, according to the column, the same aspect, sub-lifting arrangements under the lifting method, each 6 to 7 liner. (4) the purlins lifting, installation: the installation of the house purlin, the first figure to be desired purlins transported to the bottom of the mounting position, purlins using lifting equipment column asked the same slope, graded lifting. Every time a bundle hanging to the roof beam, each bundle 8 to 9 purlins, horizontal pan purlins to the installation location, the purlin plate and other purlins insertable bolted; the roof purlins support installation, construction workers with a small hammer stuck his head hit the bend, fixed