CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

1. Hydraulic Decoiler with Breaking device is equipped for coil processing. 2. Leveler 3. Hydraulic punching system 4. Pre Shearing System 5. Rollformer with tooling 6. Run Out Table or automatic stacking device 7. Mitsubishi (Japan) PLC and Touchable Screen are used for data processing and setting. 8. Roll forming speed is 10– 20 meter / minute.


    Purlin is widely using in industry building. The machine can forms different size through change some rollers position. And also can punch and cut automatically as setting.
Line Specification
Material:                       Thickness: 1.5-3.0mm, width as design
Decoiler:                       3T/5T Decoiler
Forming Station:          14 stations up to the profile
Forming Speed:            Max 20 m/min
Panel Run Out:             Run Out Table/Auto Stacker
Total Power:                 About 30 KW up to final design
Total Installation Size:  25 X 3 m up to final design

Panel Sizes List

Line Parts
In all metal or mixed building roof systems, purlin members are frequently constructed from cold-formed steel C or Z sections. Purline roll forming machine is special designed for its production.
Panel Photos