Guard railway roll forming machine

Guard railway is widely used in high speed way for 2 or 3 waves


    5: roll forming
    l      main motor power: 22kw
    l      station: adopt cast iron HT50
    l      Decelerating motor: BWD14-43-37KW, made in Shanghai or Changzhou
    l      drive: chain driving
    l      main shaft dia: ¢120mm   material: 45﹟forge steel
    l      roller material: GCR15 quenched 58°-62°,chromed
    l      roll station:15stations
    l      roller thickness: 3-5mm
    l      Timing by transducer:5m--20m/min(not including punching)
    l      Transducer: Panasonic made in Japan. 380V 50HZ
    l      Computer: PLC
    l      Computer operating panel: touching screen
2: feeding roller: diameter is ¢160mm; material is 40CR steel, HRC48-52.
3: Leveling roller: upper is 3 rollers, down is 4 stations(total is 7 stations), material is 40CR steel, HRC48-52.
4: diameter of leveling roller: 180mm
3, punching (can right and left adjust)
l      using hydraulic punching
l      oil cylinder dia: ¢180mm
l      working pressure:30mpa
l      mould material: Cr12  quenched 58°-62°
l      hydraulic power:7.5kw
l      size: 1.5m long*1.1m wide*1.2m high
4: cutting
l      hydraulic cutting
l      knife material: Cr12,quenched 58°-62°
l      oil cylinder dia:250mm
l      working pressure:60mpa
l      working journey: 80mm
1. Strict Quality Control
2. Competitive Price
3. Excellent Appearance
High way, high speed way