PU continuous sandwich panel line

Slitting machine can slit 0.5-3.0mm, width 200-1500mm, and 20 tons weight coils


    Continuous Production Line of PU Foaming
    Sandwich Panels with Aluminum Foil Facing
    This production line is a kind of specialized equipment for producing sandwich panel with the middle layer of anti-combustion polyurethane and with roof(OR wall/ceiling) forming panel as the top face layer, aluminum foil as the bottom face layer. The sandwich panel is 18 mm in thickness, 1000mm in width, length determined by the customer. The sandwich panel is mainly used as keeping warm for wall and roof . Different insulating panels with other soft facing layers could also be produced on the line.
The operation principle of this line is as follows: raw materials of rigid-foam are delivered into the mixing head through the metering pump on the injection machine and then injected onto the bottom facing sheet going to conveyors along with the top superficial sheet. Between the upper and lower conveyors, the liquid materials are hardened into shape,after all for above actions are completed, by an automatic tracking cutting mechanism, cut into segments according to the preset length.
1. Strict Quality Control
2. Competitive Price
3. Excellent Appearance
Roof, wall and window