Slitting & cut to length machine

Simple Slitting & cut to length machine is used to slit & cut off thin material. It's cost effective solution. It can finish decoiling, leveling, slitting, cutting, etc Working Flow


    imple Slitting & cut to length machine is used to slit & cut off thin material.
Item Parameter Remark
1 material Type Pre-Painted, Galvanized Sheet
    Yield Strength(Mpa) 235Mpa
    Thickness(mm) 0.2-1.2mm
    Slitting width(mm) 80mm—1250mm
2 Working speed (m/min) Adjustable 0-20 m/min  
3 Slitting blade  9 pcs Cr12 Mould Steel
4 5 Ton Uncoiler Hydraulic station(KW) 2.2 According to final design
5 9-Roll Leveler motor power(KW) 5.5 According to final design
6 Cutter Hydraulic Station  power(KW) 1.5 According to final design
7 Total power(KW) 9.2 According to final design
8 Power  AC380V,50Hz,3 phase  
9 Dimension(L×W×H m) 5×2.5×2 According to final

Suitable Material:            Thickness: 1.5-2mm, width as the design

Decoiler:                          2T decoiler

Forming Station:              10-20 stations up to the profile

Forming Speed:               Max 20 m/min

Panel Run Out:                Run Out Table

Total Power:                     About 10 KW up to final design

Total Installation Size:      (15-25) X 2 m up to final design

Coil Feeding Equipment   
Consists of one electrical de-coiler with capacity of 5000kgs and its base. The steel 
sheet is automatically fed to the leveling equipment under the function of friction and traction.
it is a active de-coiler, de-coil speed can be matched the cutting machine speed which control by a switch, and has a press arm to press the coil to avoid the coil loose during turning.
Guiding Equipment:
Adopting guiding bar and sliding block to control the width and position of the steel sheet. The coil is guided in the correct position and passed to the slitting equipment.

Slitting device:

The machine has three rubber pinching rollers to driving the sheet. Transfer the main motor power to the rollers through chains and sprockets, and also transfer the coil sheet. This device slits the sheet, adjust the slitting blade and can slit different size. And there have gauge device, so it is convenient to adjust the slitting size manually.