Slitting machine

Slitting machine can slit 0.5-3.0mm, width 200-1500mm, and 20 tons weight coils


    Name Specification Quantity
    Capacity of car(max) 10T  
    Oil cylinder W7OL-FA180/100X75-M95X2 3
      HSG01-80/45X230E-2101 2
      HSG01-80/45X300E-3301 1
    Motor YLJ160L-80-6
    Decelerator JZQ350-12.64-4 1
    Bearing Type:6228/6214/6012 23048C  32044  81220  
1 application HR, CR,SS
2 coil weight 10T
3 Coil thickness 0.3-2mm
4 width of coil material 1600mm
5 coil I.D Ф480-520
6 coil O.D ф1600mm
7 line speed 0-120m/min
8 the diameter of slitting blade shaft Ф180 material :40Cr
9 slitting blade Φ180Xφ320X15
10 material of slitting blade 6CrW2Si
11 the hardness of slitting blade HRC58°-60°
12 recoiler I.D of scrap winder φ420
13 recoiler I.D Φ480-508
14 tolerance of width error ≤±0.05mm/2M
15 other parameters
  power 380V/50Hz/3Ph
  area of the whole machine 30m(L)x8m(W)
  operator needed 1 technician and 2 general workers
  weight of the whole machine 40T
1. Strict Quality Control
2. Competitive Price
3. Excellent Appearance