Stud Tracking Roll Forming Machine

Stud tracking is mainly for the steel framing house, very popular in bulidings


    Decoiler, guiding device, pre-cutting device(optional), forming system, pressing device, cutting device, supporting table or auto stacker, hydraulic system and control panel.

Suitable Material:              Thickness: 0.40-1.50mm, width as the design
Decoiler:                            2T/3T decoiler
Forming Station:               10-20 stations up to the profile
Forming Speed:                 Max 20 m/min
Panel Run Out:                  Run Out Table
Total Power:                      About 10 KW up to final design
Total Installation Size:       (15-25) X 2 m up to final design
Line Components:
2T/3T decoiler
Guiding Device
Forming System
Hydraulic Cutting Device
Run Out Table
Hydraulic Station
PLC Control Box
Movable Control Unit
Safety Cover(optional)

Panel Photos

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